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Translating to Arabic (ar)

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Key English Arabic (ar)
description Description
title Title
mo Mo
app_name DreamDroid
app_name_tv dreamDroidTV
servicelist Bouquets (TV)|Provider (TV)|All Services (TV)|Bouquets (Radio)|Provider (Radio)|All (Radio)
timer Timer
mediaplayer Mediaplayer
play Play
add_to_playlist Add to Playlist
navigation_back_media Back
home_media Home
close_media Close Mediaplayer
next_media Next
play_media Play
previous_media Previous
stop_media Stop
playlist Playlist
filebrowser File Browser
delete_from_playlist Delete from Playlist
service Service
afterevent Afterevent
location Location
afterevents Nothing|Standby|Deep Standby|Automatic
begin_time Begin time
repeatings Repeatings
end_time End time
services Services
movies Movies
device_info Device Information
send_message Send Message
save Save
cancel Cancel
fetching_data Fetching data…
parsing Parsing…
get_content_error Error getting content!
zap Zap
browse_epg Browse EPG
edit Edit
delete Delete
epg EPG
ssl_enabled https
ssid Wifi Name
host Hostname/IP
port Port
live Live
port_stream_live Port (Live)
port_stream_file Port (Movies)
settings Settings
host_long Hostname or IP
port_long Listening Port
close Close
minutes_short min.
user User
user_long Username for login
pass Password
pass_long Password for the login
saving Saving. Please wait…
deleting Deleting. Please wait…
delete_confirm Really delete?
set_timer Set Timer
home Home
pick_action Pick an action
set_time_begin Start date and time
set_time_end End date and time
apply Apply
reload Reload
weekdays_short Mo|Tu|We|Th|Fr|Sa|Su
weekdays Monday|Tuesday|Wednesday|Thursday|Friday|Saturday|Sunday
none None
choose_days Choose days
mo_to_fr Monday to Friday
daily Daily
new_timer New Timer
locations Locations
gui_version GUI version
image_version Image version
interface_version Interface version
front_processor_version Frontprocessor version
device_name Device name
frontends Frontends
nics Network Interfaces
hdds Hard disks
hdd_capacity %1$s (%2$s free)
not_implemented This function is not implemented yet!
current_event Current event
timeout Timeout
seconds seconds
message Message
message_text_hint Enter your message text
send Send
type Type
message_types YesNo|Warning|Info|Error
virtual_remote Virtual Remote
login Login
defaultOnNoWifi Is Default Profile on no Wifi
login_enabled Enable Login
wait_request_finished Please wait until the running request has finished!
current_service Current
provider Provider
now Now
next Next
epg_search EPG-Search
epg_search_hint Search EPG
remote_widget_config_title_style Select the style of the remote control
remote_widget_config_title_profile Select the profile to use with the widget
standard Standard Layout (Full)
quickzap QuickZap Layout (Simple)
no_epg_available Currently there is no EPG-Information available for this channel!
ok OK
activate Activate
confirm_delete_profile Do you really want to delete this profile?
profile_activated Activated profile
profile_not_activated Error activating profile
profile_not_deleted Error deleting profile
profile_deleted Deleted profile
profile Profile
auto_switch_profile_wifi_based Auto Profile switch
auto_switch_profile_wifi_based_long Automatically switch profile based on Wifi connection
profile_name Profile name
profile_updated Updated profile
profile_added Added profile
profile_add Add Profile
profile_not_added Could not add profile
profile_not_updated Could not update profile
no_list_item No items to display…
locations_default_fallback Error loading locations, falling back to default:
tags Tags
screenshot Screenshot
host_empty The host name cannot be empty!
standby Standby
powerup Power Up
restart_gui Restart GUI
reboot Reboot
shutdown Shutdown
powercontrol Power Control
choose_tags Choose tags
choose_location Choose location
bouquet_overview Bouquet overview
set_default Set as default
default_bouquet_set_to Default bouquet has been set to:
default_bouquet_not_set Default bouquet could not be set!
loading Loading…
about About
changelog Changelog
license_gplv3 LICENSE:
DreamDroid is free Software!
Licensed under the GNU General Public License 3 https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html
source_code_link Source code available at: http://github.com/sreichholf/dreamDroid
active_profile Profile
connection Connection
connection_state State
not_available Not available
checking checking…
error ERROR!
check_connectivity Check connectivity
version_too_low Version < 1.6.5
connection_error Connection error
port_out_of_range Port not between 1 and 65535
illegal_host Illegal host
edit_timer Edit Timer
cleaning_timerlist Cleaning up timerlist
cleanup Cleanup
in_standby Device is now in Standby-Mode
is_running Device is now running
stream Stream
stream_host Streaming Hostname/IP
stream_host_long Host/IP for streaming (optional)
stream_current Stream current
similar Similar
timer_state waiting…|prepared…|running…|ended|disabled
timer_action record|zap
sleeptimer Sleep Timer
current_volume Volume is now %s
muted Muted
enable_volume_control Enable Volume Control
enable_volume_control_long Enable direct Volume Control using H/W-Buttons
download Download
extras Extras
main_menu Main
profiles Profiles
profiles_long Configure connection profiles
enable_instant_zap Instant zap
enable_instant_zap_long Instant zap when short-tapping a service
wrong_activity Wrong Activity called! Please recreate any shortcuts you created for dreamDroid!
simple_remote Simple remote layout
screenshot_saved Screenshot saved to \'%s\'
imdb IMDb
missing_stream_player No Player for Videostreams installed on this device!
edit_profile Edit Profile
force_tablet_layout_long Force Tablet-Optimized Layout
force_tablet_layout Force Tablet Layout
mobile_imdb Use mobile version of imdb.com
mobile_imdb_long Use m.imdb.com instead of www.imdb.com
searching Searching…
searching_known_devices Searching for dreamboxes in your local network. This may take a few minutes…
autodiscover_dreamboxes Dreambox Autodiscovery
autodiscovery_failed Could not autodiscover any dreambox on your local network!
add_all Add All