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  1. Thank you so much for this app, it gives me the possibility to watch TV on my Tab/Smartphone from almost everywhere i want to (through private VPN)

    To make it perfect it would be great if you would support AC3 audio tracks in video streams but i understand that it’s probably not possible due to licensing reasons.
    Until that is solved i can fix that with using an external player like MX Player with custom codec.

    Thanks a lot for your effort and time that you put in the development. I would be glad to send you a few bucks out of appreciation if you offer that option somehow.
    FYI, I’m using dreamdroid with the DM900 UHD with openATV image.

    Keep on the good work!

  2. Hello the app seems to be very good…but unfortunately the most important thing dosen’t work.When I try to set a new event in to the time section it dosen’t allow me to save it and show me a message : „mandatory parameter missing ‚channelOld'“ …what dosen’t it mean? Any help would be appreciate.Thank you

  3. Goedendag Ik heb een hd800 se een Wil vanaf de tablet films terugkijken die ik opgenomen heb dit is sinds kort niet meer mogelijk misschien dat ik perongelijk mijn instellingen heb veranderd kan iemand mij zeggen wat ik fout doe.
    Ik heb geïnstalleerd mijn 192 code hd800 met daarboven default.

    Ik hoop snel iets te horen

    Grz ren

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